Damp in a Home London

Damp Diagnosis in London

What Causes Damp in a Home? The average UK home will deal with a large amount of rain throughout the year, so, unsurprisingly, many British properties will suffer from problems with mould and damp. Damp and decay can appear on the internal walls of a home and can be caused by various reasons, from ineffective drains to broken damp proof courses. Diagnosing Damp Problems – The Age of the House: Continue Reading

damp and timber

Damp and Timber Report

Everything You Need to Know About Timber Decay in a Property If you own an older property, you probably don’t want to learn it is affected by timber decay. Discovering that the woodwork in your property is being damaged by wet or dry rot or insects is never good news for any homeowner.  There are many drastic measures that you might consider taking to restore your home to its former Continue Reading

Cavity Walls

Cavity Wall – Construction, Insulation, Problems.

A Guide to Cavity Walls If you are considering getting your property insulated, you have probably heard the term cavity wall. But what is it exactly, what purpose does it serve, and why should it be insulated? What is a Cavity Wall? A cavity wall is constructed with two separate walls that are used as a single wall. There is a space or cavity between the two walls. The two Continue Reading

What is a DPC?

What is Damp Proof Course (DPC)?

Every house should have a protective damp proof course layer in the walls of the property. That will help prevent moisture from move up the walls and into the living area from the ground below and surrounding the wall foundations. If your damp proof course DPC has failed or in some cases non-existent, then this is commonly referred to as rising damp. What is rising damp? If you live in Continue Reading

A home in Kensington needing damp repair

Damp in Kensington Homes

Damp Proofing Kensington The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is synonymous with historic and grand architecture, generous and elegant living spaces and is probably the most exclusive London borough with its exclusive shops, world-class museums and stunning parks. It is the smallest borough but the most densely populated, despite its accompanying price tag. Find out more about the work London Damp Specialists have completed damp proofing Kensington. Kensington’s exclusivity is perhaps Continue Reading

Rot damage in a London basement

Water Damage

Water, Water Everywhere… Water damage to a property can be distressing and expensive. Whether the damage is a result of a leaking pipe, either from your house or from an adjoining property, or a leaky appliance, or there’s been a slow ingress of external water; the damage can be extensive. The first thing to do is isolate the cause. If it is from within your property, turn off the water Continue Reading

condensation on a window

Condensation Control

Condensation Control in Homes and Buildings Condensation is, to some degree, found in all properties and buildings inhabited by people. This is completely normal: we all breathe out water vapour, create it when cooking, bathing and doing the laundry. This moisture, when combined with the temperature of the air and the surface temperature of the windows, will result in condensation. But how effectively it is processed is key to the Continue Reading

Rot damage in a London basement

A Lot of Rot?

Rot Problems? Dry rot, wet rot, penetrating damp, rising damp, condensation are all water-damage problems faced by home owners and problems that need to be fixed sooner rather than later. But each is a different issue with a variety of effects and treatment methods. One quick call to London Damp Specialists is all it takes to diagnose your damp or rot problem. Here’s a quick guide to spot your rot, so you know when it’s time to Continue Reading

Rising Damp in a corner

How to identify a damp problem in the house

Damp House Problems Living in a damp house can be very dangerous and cause serious health issues. As such, a little leak is something that should not be ignored. Although you might not be able to notice the immediate water damage, bacteria and mould growth can start within a short time of water intrusion. In addition, damp homes have been found to cause respiratory illnesses and are a conducive place Continue Reading

Rising Damp Repair London

Types of Damp

Dampness Types Find out more about the types of damp that could be affecting your home or property with London Damp Specialists. Rising Damp Dampness is an ever-present risk in London buildings. Rising damp usually happens in old homes and occurs when the water from the ground rises into and through the capillaries of bricks and mortar of buildings. Over time, a musty smell will develop as more plaster is exposed to water. Continue Reading