Basement Waterproofing London

We create waterproof systems that keep basements or cellars damp proof.

Basements and cellars are usually situated either entirely below ground level or at least partially below the ground. To avoid any issues with basement damp, the space has to remain at a constant temperature with some form of ventilation.

External basement tanking systems are normally put in when the basement is first built. An allowance needs to be made for water to be kept away from where the walls meet the floor, since this is a weak spot.

Do I need Basement Tanking?

Commercial and residential customers may require basement waterproofing if they have:

  • Underground Car parking
  • Wine storage facilities
  • Coal storage facilities
  • Storage of any type of materials
  • Space for a Heating system
  • Space for an Air conditioning system

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Choosing the right basement damp proofing service

The type of basement damp proofing required depends on your basement type

Types of London basements:

  • Part of the floor could be lower, which is true basement space, and part of the floor could be above ground level with a door to the outside.
  • Look-out basements have basement walls that extend above the ground level.
  • Walk-up basements have exterior entrances through stairwells with basement doors.
  • Underground crawl spaces are a type of basement where you cannot stand upright, usually for storage.

In all these cases, facilities would have to be in place to prevent damp problems occurring in the future.

How much is basement tanking?

There are many types of basements and therefore different basement tanking is needed depending on requirements. Our expert team would need to visit your individual space and come up with a suitable solution for you.

Whatever type of basement or cellar you have in your home or commercial building, get in touch with our professional team at London Damp Proofing Ltd. We will easily be able to assess what basement tanking system needs to be incorporated into your property.

We offer free no obligation quotations, come fully insured, and offer competitive prices.

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