Timber Treatments

Dry Rot, Wet Rot & Woodworm

Timber rot is, without doubt, one of the most worrying hazards of property ownership. Issues should be remedied without delay.

Wood rot is caused by timber constantly being in contact with water. It is crucial to get this rot eradicated from your property because if left untreated it can cause havoc to your property as well as to your family’s health.

Fungi thrives in a moist environment and is not as visible as penetrating damp so can go unnoticed for some time.

Wood rot can occur both on the inside and the outside of your property - on roofs, wooden decking and wooden sheds. To prevent wood rot it is first advisable to maintain proper guttering, downpipes and sufficient drainage.

How to tell if you have wood rot

Signs of wood rot or decay in the interior of your home include:

  • Soft, dry, crumbly or brittle timber on window frames, window sills and door trims
  • Discoloured wood
  • Cracks in painted or sealed wood
  • Shrinking and cracking of wood surfaces
  • Wooden surrounds of water heaters and dishwashers
  • Distorting of timber
  • Distinct smell of damp or mould
  • Timber damage underneath kitchen sinks & bathtub surrounds

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Woodworm Treatments

Woodworm is a serious issue for any property owner in London, but solutions are available

What is woodworm?

Woodworm relates to the larval stage of many species of wood boring insects that thrive in the timber and multiply. Unless the insects are found and eradicated, the insects will continue to eat away at your woodwork until the timber is no longer usable. Signs that you may have woodworm present in your home include:

  • Dead or live beetles found around your home
  • White coloured woodworm larvae found on your wooden surfaces
  • Crumbly window sill edges
  • Holes in woodwork
  • Powdery dust found on sills

How much is woodworm treatment?

The woodworm treatment options available can vary in price, depending on the location, severity and type of property.

Our expert woodworm solutions team here at London Damp Proofing Ltd will need to pay you a visit at your London home or commercial building to assess the damage. We will correctly analyse the problem before being able to come up with a quote for a permanent solution.

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