Problems with Rising Damp?

Call in the experts today if you suspect your property is suffering from rising damp. Our team will be quick to assess your property by first of all taking an accurate moisture reading of your walls. Other visual signs of rising damp include:

  • Yellow or brown Salt marks on plasterwork and internal walls, usually by the skirting boards or bottom of the walls
  • Mould or mildew forming on walls
  • Powdery salt deposits, in the shape of flowers
  • Decayed skirting boards
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Blistering paint
  • Damp and musty smell

The causes of rising damp include:

  • No damp proof course
  • Inadequate damp proof cause due to age/improper installation
  • Damp proof course breached by adjoining structure
  • Poor plumbing
  • Poor drainage
  • Drainage sloping towards the building instead of away from it
  • Faulty guttering, downpipes or roof tiles
  • Floods

Having rising damp in your home or office can seriously affect your health and that of your family. It can cause breathing difficulties and problems with the skin and eyes, so act fast and get expert analysis from our team.

How to treat rising damp in London

If your property in London is suffering from rising damp, there are a number of solutions.

Treatments of rising damp include:

  • Digging up the existing damp course
  • Rectifying and injecting chemicals into the walls
  • Removing the affected bricks and replacing them with new
  • Replastering affected walls
  • Installing a rising damp proof course

At London Damp Proofing Ltd we strive to get your damp issues resolved as soon as possible and make your home dry and comfortable to live in again.

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