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Choosing a Damp Proofing Company in London

Whether you are in the process of hopefully purchasing your dream home, or already own a home that you love and want to keep in the best possible condition, damp is a problem that every current or potential homeowner should be aware of. If you love your home, then the last thing that you want is for it to suffer with unsightly and even potentially dangerous damp problems. Due to the wet climate in the UK, damp is often a serious problem in British homes that can be caused by leaks, moisture coming through cracks in the external walls, condensation, or problems with the damp proof course to name a few. Hiring somebody who is able to find the issues with damp in your home and deal with them professionally is key – but what do you look for when hiring a damp proofing specialist or company? Here’s what to look for.

Why is Hiring Damp Proofing Companies Important?

Professional damp proofing is an important service for your property since it will help to prevent the presence of damp in the home and all the subsequent issues that it can cause such as wet rot and mould. Many homes in the UK will suffer from problems with damp, but the good news is that with the correct treatment, you can repair damp problems that are present right now and prevent them from reoccurring in the future, making your home a much more pleasant place to live.

Damp tends to be a bigger problem in older UK homes where there is no damp proof course present. There are various types of damp proof course available, however, the main aim of all of them to is to prevent damp from entering your home. If you have noticed even the smallest signs of damp in your home, it’s important to hire a professional to help as quickly as possible since if left untreated, damp can become much more serious and cause structural damage, mould, unpleasant smells and health hazards to you and your family.

When You Need Damp Proofing Companies in North London – The Signs of Damp:

There are many tell-tale signs that you might notice if your home has damp issues present. Mould is one of the most common and easily visible signs of damp since it will usually develop in moist areas of the home where damp is present. It will typically appear on the walls and ceiling of your home and will look black or grey in appearance. Discolouration of the walls including darker patches or yellowing could also signify damp, along with peeling or cracking paint and wallpaper in the affected area. If the wall feels damp to the touch, this is usually an easy sign that there is something wrong. Window frames and woodwork that is affected by damp might begin to crack, and you could even notice small pools of water on the floor where the home is affected by condensation.

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Types of Damp that Damp Proofing Companies London Can Help With:

There are three main types of damp that you might be dealing with in your property. Understanding the type of damp that is affecting your home could make it easier for you to choose the right company to help since you will likely want to look for a company that has a lot of expertise and past experience with dealing with this specific type of damp. The three types of damp that you may be dealing with in your home are:

Rising Damp:

This type of damp will usually occur when there is no damp proof course installed at the property or where the existing damp proof course has been bridged or is faulty. It occurs when water is able to penetrate the porous bricks at the ground level of your home and rise up the internal walls, hence the name. It will only affect the ground floor and is usually noticeable just above the skirting boards.

Penetrating Damp:

This type of damp refers to moisture that is able to enter the property from outdoors, often due to wet weather. It is usually the result of poor maintenance at the property since the moisture will usually get inside due to cracks and holes in the external walls, poor window sealant or leaks in the roof. Penetrating damp can also occur in the home as a result of leaking plumbing systems or gutters.


Over the past two decades, condensation has become the leading cause of damp problems in homes in the UK. It occurs as the result of the warm and moist air that we all generate from everyday living in our homes coming into contact with cold surfaces like the external walls, where it will cool down and turn into water, causing damp problems. A damp proofing company can help you avoid this problem by treating internal walls with a damp seal solution or paint.

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What to Look for in Damp Proofing Companies South East London:

When you are in need of a professional damp proofing company to treat damp in your home and prevent the problems from occurring in the future, the best place to start is by asking around for recommendations. Ask homeowners in your area if they are able to recommend a company that they trust and are satisfied with since happy previous customers will usually be more than happy to provide you with information on a company that they would use again.

It is also worth spending some time researching online to find out what people are saying about the damp proofing companies and professionals that cover your area. If a certain company has a lot of negative reviews, then it might be worth looking elsewhere until you can find a company that has more positive things said about it. Local social media groups are a great way to research damp proofing companies online if you do not know anybody in person who you can get a recommendation from. Check out local Facebook groups and head to Twitter to see if there is anyone in your area who can provide you with details of a company that has done a good job for them.

Qualities that Your Damp Proofing Company North London Should Have:

When you’re asking for recommendations and searching online for a suitable damp proofing company to hire to carry out work in your home, there are various qualities that you should look out for. Firstly, it is a good idea to try and identify the type of damp that your home is currently suffering with so that you can find a company that specialises in or has a lot of experience dealing with this type of damp. Some damp proofing companies will deal with any kind of damp problem in the home, while others might focus on rising damp and damp proof course problems, for example.

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Look for a company that has a lot of experience in damp proofing properties like yours and working with the damp problems that you are experiencing. It can be worth asking for example before and after photos of the work that they have carried out or checking their website to learn more. Choose a company that carries out the work themselves rather than subcontracting and has real testimonials that you can check. Since website testimonials are often cherry-picked by the company to include only the best ones, it is worth checking third-party sites like TrustPilot, CheckaTrade, and TrustaTrader to find unbiased reviews that will give you a more well-rounded idea of what to expect.

Before hiring a professional damp proofing company to carry out work on your home, it’s also important to make sure that they have the right qualifications, credentials, guarantees, and insurance. Ask about the professionals that work for the company and make sure that they are adequately skilled and qualified to carry out the job.

Why Hire the Best Damp Proofing Company London?

Although there are some instances of damp that might be easy enough for you to deal with yourself at home, in many cases, it is worth hiring a damp proof specialist who can carry out a full inspection of your property and ensure that all occurrences of damp are treated, including any that have gone unnoticed. Hiring a damp proof specialist can help you ensure that your home is damp-free, which can save a serious amount of money and help you avoid big problems in the future.

Damp is a serious problem to have in your property and over time, can cause more serious problems including mould, wet rot and nasty odours in your home. Working with a professional will ensure that your property is damp-proofed to a high standard and reduce the risk of it returning in the future. A good damp proofing company will also be able to provide you with professional advice for preventing damp and looking after your home afterwards.

If you’re dealing with damp in the home, hiring a good damp proofing company is the best way to ensure that it is dealt with thoroughly and the risk of it returning is minimal.

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