A damp wall leads to a damp smell

How to Remove Damp Smells from your House

A house with rising damp can be unpleasant to live in as well as causing sickness to the occupants. Several things cause damp smell in houses, but mildews are the most common reason. The trick is to know how to remove damp smells. The mixture of darkness, moisture, and lack of air circulation in the house leads to the growth of moulds and mildews. They release foul gasses that attach themselves in the Continue Reading

Treating damp in old Fulham

Penetrating & Rising Damp in Old Fulham London Houses

While it is true that all properties are different, most of those that are around the same region are likely to have the same strengths and weaknesses. This is the case in Old Fulham Houses. Here, the houses suffer from different types of damp, for example, the penetrating and rising damp. However, if you suspect that your house is having any type of damp, it is wise to contact a damp Continue Reading

Basement Tanking Company London

Damp Proofing Basements Marylebone London

Damp proofing basements Marylebone London. Damp proofing refers to any activity aimed at doing away with the damp on the walls. There are three types of damp: namely condensation, rising and penetrating damp. For condensation, the water on the walls of your house or basement condenses and starts eating the walls from the outside. For rising damp, it starts from the ground level of your house eating the walls going upwards. Normally, this does not proceed Continue Reading

Rising Damp Repair London

Options for Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp Treatment Advice Every building is prone to damp, but it’s the older buildings, places that have stood for a long time, perhaps centuries, which are more prone to rising damp. This problem is mitigated by modern building practices where properties are built with damp proof courses, in most cases impermeable plastic membranes to stop water passing through. But some buildings don’t have this precaution. Find out more about this Continue Reading

Condensation leads to mould on this window

Methods of Damp Proofing London

At times, your home may show some signs of dampness. This is a serious problem that you should get worried about and repair with damp proofing London. Dampness in your building will encourage the growth of moulds a condition that is not good for the inhabitants of the house. To humans, mould infestation affects immune and respiratory systems. This is the side effects of animals. Worse is the eventual damage Continue Reading